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Personal Trainer Hollywood Celebrity Fitness Aaron Guy Bodybuilder Mansion Fitness
Personal Trainer Hollywood Celebrity Fitness Aaron Guy Bodybuilder Mansion Fitness
Personal Trainer Hollywood Celebrity Fitness Aaron Guy Bodybuilder Mansion Fitness
Personal Trainer Hollywood Celebrity Fitness Aaron Guy Bodybuilder Mansion Fitness


“I have known Aaron for more than a decade. We began training together in 2004 at a gym in Chicago. I had worked with personal trainers prior to Aaron, but it was immediately apparent that training with Aaron was a step up from any of my prior training programs. He took the time to understand my workout history, current goals and prior injuries. He understood and accommodated my demanding and unpredictable work/travel schedule and he helped me design a program that was challenging, but realistic. Aaron also recognized early on that I wanted to understand what we were doing and why and he took the time to explain things and answer my questions, which transformed my commitment to my work out routines and to maintaining a healthy lifestyle." *


Andrew Strasser

Managing Director

Dexter Park Hotels Investors, LLC


"In the eight-plus years that I’ve been training with Aaron, my personal fitness evolution has had many ebbs and flows, which is why I place such a high value on the consistency and flexibility that Aaron has always brought to our working relationship. I work in the marketing services industry, which generally means an inconsistent schedule, extensive travel and lots of stress. Aaron has always deftly navigated those lifestyle obstacles to keep me on track with my fitness goals. That has meant anything from customized routines I can do on the road to special “stress-relieving workouts” to ongoing encouragement and inspiration. Aaron’s bespoke approach to training has ensured that there’s always a way for me to make fitness a priority." *


Michael Wehman

Executive Vice President, Global Client Experience

Weber Shandwick


"I travel a lot in my work and I live for long periods of time in various places. I have worked for periods of up to several years with personal trainers in New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Manchester, Berlin, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro and Sydney. Of all the trainers I have worked with over the entire world, Aaron ties with two others (one in Stockholm and one in Cape Town) as being absolutely superior. He is by far the best, most professional, and most engaging personal trainer I have ever worked with in the Unites States.


In his training with me, Aaron emphasizes posture, technique, breathing and a balanced body (as opposed to a body with, say, an enormous chest and spindly, toothpick legs). He is articulate and can explain why he wants an exercise to look and be done a certain way. The fact that he is a competitive body builder himself and is obviously extremely knowledgeable about the kinds of exercises that affect different muscles – this inspires confidence and trust. Aaron is also funny, interested, compelling and pleasant. But he is also extremely sensitive – if I don’t want to talk much during a session because I just want to focus on the training, he reads that and accommodates without making me feel like he thinks I am being impolite or in a sour mood.


I have enormous respect for Aaron’s professionalism, which has had the highly desirable consequence of making me looking good! I will deeply, sorely miss him when he moves to Los Angeles. However, I know that Aaron has been talking about wanting to leave Chicago for several years now (as the city comes more and more to resemble Siberia in terms of the length and intensity of its winters, he is far from the only one looking to get out). I also know that he is hungry for new challenges – he wants to go further than he is now, to build on and supplement what he already knows with new techniques, new methods, new challenges, and new clients." *


Don Kulick

Professor of Anthropology and Chair of Department

The University of Chicago


"When I first met Aaron I was a class A couch potato with a serious food addiction. And, as an overscheduled, stressed out employee at the #1 rated talk show in the country, I had little time to do anything about it. Truth be told, I didn’t have the inclination to make my needs a priority. It was always about others. But, I didn’t feel good. My back was going out regularly, I was tired and just generally miserable. So, I thought I’d give it a go...again. My goal: To lose 100 pounds.

Enter Aaron. I’ll never forget the day we met.  On bad days he would never scold. He’d just veer me back on the path. Okay, well, he did scold occasionally – when I wasn’t eating enough! (Who knew that was a thing?) There were times where I would dip my calories super low because I was very motivated and wanted to do the best I could. But, he’d remind me that I had to eat to lose. And, he was right. In 10 months I lost my 100 pounds.


A couple years ago I had to leave Chicago. My talk show ended its 25 year run and I was on to my next big adventure – working on the #1 health website on the internet (health…who would have guessed?!). So, on a fateful day in the summer of 2012 we had to part ways. I have searched high and low to find someone in my neck of the woods that can hold a candle to Aaron – to no avail. Aaron Guy is unique. A star. The real deal." *


Stephanie Sipes

Former Producer for the "Oprah Winfrey Show"


"Aaron has trained me for approximately the past 6 years, helping me to achieve and exceed my goals for strength, athletic conditioning, and weight loss. As a self-employed entrepreneur, Aaron’s independent mindset, professional demeanor, and discipline mesh well with my philosophy for life. I consider Aaron not only my trainer but a friend who I trust and look to for inspiration, inside and outside the gym. Six years ago, I came to Aaron as an already athletic person, looking to challenge my body and take it to the next level. Aaron introduced me to plyometric exercises and kettlebells, and immediately I was hooked! Aaron’s knowledge of kettlebells is especially impressive, and I’m confident performing the exercises on my own, knowing that he’s provided me with the proper training. We also began to add traditional weight training, which has brought a great balance to my workouts. Soon enough, I was beginning to see the changes I wanted in my body and was ecstatic to have him continue coaching my journey. As an avid runner and biker outside of the gym, Aaron also understands my needs as a cross-training athlete. While training with him, I’ve completed about a dozen half-marathons and two full marathons. When I’ve suffered from injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Aaron recommended therapies that would not only treat but help prevent future incidents. When he knows I have an event approaching, he’s sure to recommend stretching and therapies that I should do to prepare. I’ve also sustained a few injuries related to strength training, which Aaron has helped me work around to maximize my workout as well as help them heal. I can wholeheartedly recommend Aaron as your next personal trainer" *


Andrew L.

Graphic Designer

President and Creative Director
Duality in Design, Inc.


"I have been working with Aaron for six years, and he has trained with me through numerous goals and milestones in my life.  In my second year of training with Aaron, I began preparing for my wedding. As many people do, I wanted everything to look perfect on my big day, especially my body. I had high standards for this, and the results that I achieved with Aaron were amazing. In my fourth year of training with Aaron, I became pregnant with my first child and was highly motivated to stay healthy throughout (and after) my pregnancy.  My doctor and all of my nurses were astounded at how quickly I recovered, and this was attributed to the great condition of my body going into surgery. Training with Aaron not only helped me maintain a healthy pregnancy, but significantly impacted the recovery from my surgery.  Aaron is a fabulous trainer, who is more than qualified to prepare his clients for many different stages of life. I am fortunate to have had him along side of me over the past six years, as he has been a great mentor to me. Beyond his incredible personal training skills, Aaron also has a fabulous personality. He is professional, intelligent, supportive, and so enjoyable to be around.  He is a friend and a motivator, and he has changed my life. I am extremely grateful for my experience with him." *


Kati Baker
Broker and Director of Recruitment 

Downtown Realty Co.


"Aaron Guy is your next trainer - that is if you want a trainer that "walks the walk" with impressive First Place ranking in bodybuilding competitions, a vast (and I mean vast) knowledge of nutritional supplements - as in what to use right now, and what to avoid on the shelf at GNC, and has a perfect blend of motivation, punctuality, and guidance that makes the process of getting in shape or building more muscle safe, fun, and most important - helps you to realize a new body is within your grasp.

I am incredibly lucky to have Aaron as my trainer. There are many trainers available but Aaron has the traits that we all look for in a superior trainer. First, he is always on time - and that is a rare trait within the Training World! Second, Aaron knows his way around a gym. His knowledge of equipment and free-weights is amazing. And along with his expertise of technique, he always, always puts safety first. I like that! I'm over 50 and keeping my joints healthy is foremost in my workouts. Aaron gets that completely. And third, Aaron is a blast to have as a trainer! His cool sense of humor takes away the drudgery of hitting the gym regularly. Talking with Aaron is so easy, especially since all of his attention is directed toward his clients.

Overall, I would recommend Aaron as your next trainer hands down. His workout philosophy is solid - and can help you gain, lose, or anywhere in between. And Aaron's accomplishments with his own body are impressive and inspiring. If you are still trying to decide which trainer to go with just schedule one appointment with Aaron and soon, very soon you will be writing your own praises for one of the best trainers out there.

Aaron is definitely your next trainer!
" *


Alan Bragg

* Results not guaranteed and individual results may vary.

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